Wuhan Opens Indoor Snow Centre as Part of World’s New Largest Mall

A large indoor snow centre has opened as part of a huge new mall in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Central China.

Dubbed “the first urban centre indoor ski resort in central China” the ‘Wushangmeng Era Hot Snow Miracle’ is a four-season ice and snow era located on the 8th floor of the mall which, although its ground footprint is 102,500 square meters, has a total floor area of 800,000 square metres of development space thanks to its multi-storey nature.

The centre is the seventh indoor ski resort to be created by the Sunac group, now using the brand name ‘Hot Snow Miracle’ for their centres. They include the world’s current three largest, all opened within the last six years.

The vast mall project where the snow centre is located, known as Wushang Dream Times Square, is China’s biggest yet with over 1,000 shops and conceived at least as far back as 2017 is home to many other leisure attractions and has a price tag of 12 billion Yuan (€1.6 billion). Some reports claim it is the world’s new largest mall. It has nine floors, four of them underground.

It’s currently unclear exactly how big WS Hot Snow Miracle is but it is reported that there are beginner and intermediate ski trails.

Zhu Xiaoyan, head of WS Hot Snow Miracle Market, told local media that the project incorporates a Hot Snow Miracle Training Center, competitions, camps, and membership services, and provides systematic advanced skiing courses, professional skiing events and youth camps.

The centre’s themes include Swiss Snow Mountain, Fairytale Snow Kingdom, Dream Ice Workshop, and Finnish Holiday Street. Besides skiing there are ice and snow entertainments including ice slides, ice mazes and tubing.

The wider mall also incorporates an indoor theme park with more than 20 rides and attractions including “sightseeing film and television special effects roller coasters, sightseeing towers, pirate ships, small pendulums, and 7D cinemas” and there’ll also be a science and technology museum.

Wuhan Dream Times Square is located in Wuguo living area, Wuchang, with Shipailing Road in the east, Baotongsi Road in the west, Wuluo Road in the north, Ziyang East Road in the south, and is connected to Bairuijing Community.

“The Chinese dream on snow miracles is happening,” said Lu Peng, Executive President of Sunac China and President of Sunac Cultural Tourism Group, adding, “Sunac Cultural Tourism will continue to empower the WS Hot Snow Miracle with its own advantages in multi-business operation, and is committed to bringing four season ice and snow to the people of Wuhan and the whole country.”