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The past few years have been some of the most exciting yet for indoor snow centres worldwide. Among recent developments:

  • The first indoor snow centre has opened in Africa, the sixth continent to get one, meaning you can now ski any day of the year on every continent for the first time
  • The new world’s largest indoor snow centre, complete with its own piste map, opens in China
  • The first indoor snow centre opens in Vietnam – the 30th country to get one
  • There are now more than 100 facilities that have been built over last 30 years and for the first time more than 70 currently operating worldwide
  • A new indoor snow centre in Saudi Arabia has helped to break down sporting and leisure barriers with fun in the snow

The latest edition of The World Indoor Snow Centres Guide details these developments and lists all new, indoor snow centres opening in the past 12 months, taking the total currently operating worldwide past 70.

China’s new centres have taken this total into double figures, making it only the second country to operate a number of indoor snow centres in double figures since Japan’s ski boom years in the 1990s.

Reporter and world expert on indoor snow centres, Patrick Thorne has said:

“The incredible new indoor ski centre in China and the first facility to open in Africa, in Egypt, are great news, there are also plans for the first indoor ski jump for about 80 years.

“But I get equally excited from all the amazing things that indoor snow centres bring.  The new facility in Saudi Arabia has bumper cars on ice for example, and several of the world’s biggest snow centres in Europe have spent the past year putting thousands of solar panels on their vast rooves so they can make the power they need to refrigerate the snow – so they become environment-friendly year-round indoor snow centres. How cool is that?”

More than 100 indoor snow centres have been built over the past 30 years (with some  having subsequently closed to give the current 70+ operating total) and many more are currently planned.

The World Indoor Snow Centres Guide was first launched in 2004, and has grown over the years to 315 A4 pages, 69,000 words and more than 200 images, after more than 120 updates over the years.

With its content broken down by continent and country, the Guide lists every indoor snow centre built, the hundreds more in development, the companies involved and the technologies used. It also contains tables showing the largest centres by several measures, a chronology of openings and much more.

The World Indoor Snow Centres Guide is delivered as a word document by file transfer (28MB file) and costs $190 USD from: