Sunac Group Open 7th Indoor Snow Centre

China’s Sunac Group, which operate the three largest indoor snow centres in the world, has soft  opened a seventh centre this month and already received more than 26,000 guests. It will have its grand opening on 28th October.

The new WS Bonski indoor centre Wuhan is not one of the biggest with just over 15,000 square metres of indoor snow space divided into 8130sqm of ski slope area and 6963sqm of snow play area.

Slopes are up to 155.5 metres long with the building offering 15.9 metres of vertical.  Iplift is supplied by three conveyor lifts.

Sunac have recently rebranded all their centres as ‘Bonski’ – seen be some analysts as a move ahead of selling off the centres to a new owner, but this appears to be just speculation.

The Sunac Group and the SnowWorld Group in the Netherlands now both operate seven indoor snow centres each, with Sunac’s portfolio including the largest in Ssia and SnowWorld’s the largest in Europe.

The centre is believed to be the 43rd currently operational in China.