China Reports More than 40 Indoor Snow Centres Operational

The 2021-2022 edition of the China Ski Industry White Book compiled each year by Wu Bin (Benny Wu) reports that China now has 42 indoor snow centres – about a third of the world total.

“The indoor ski resort business has exploded in China, which is the most noteworthy phenomenon in the domestic ski industry in recent years,”

The only other country to currently be in double figures for number of indoor snow centres is India, but most of its centres are small snow fun/experience centres without the size/design to enable skiing/snowboarding. Japan formerly had nearly 20 centres but most have since closed.

China’s 42 centres include the world’s three largest, all run by the Sunac group. 

Wu Bin has calculated that, “….according to incomplete statistics, the total construction area of the 42 indoor ski resorts currently in operation is about 800,000 square metres.”

The wider report indicates that the boom in regular ski area building in China, which took the country to more than 700 centres, has slowed dramatically and with more centres temporarily or permanently closing than opening in the previous year, the total number of centres has dropped back down below 700.

However of the 12 new ski areas that have opened, half were indoor snow centres.

“During the period from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022, those 42 indoor ski resorts brought out a total of 3.43 million skier visits, accounting for 15.92% of the total 21.54 million skier visits (in China)” Wu Bin writes.

The report can be downloaded in Chinese or English versions free of charge at: