Two Indoor Ski & Snowboarding Centres Planned for Texas

Alpine-X, the company that has been planning an indoor snow centre in Virginia for several years and has recently added the famous alpine ski racer Bode Miller to their team, have announced plans to build two more indoor snow centres, this time in Texas.

Alpine-X, who have always said that their intention is to build around 20 indoor snow centres across North America, say that one facility will be built in Austin, while the other one will be constructed somewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Bode Miller

The company says that their aim is to open both centres by 2025 and that more may be added in other Texan population centres, where summer outdoor temperatures regularly top 100F, subject to demand.

The centres will each include several downhill ski slopes as well as snow play areas as well as facilities including restaurants and hotels.

There have been multiple proposed indoor snow centres for Texas over the past three decades but so far none have broken ground.

Alpine-X first announced its plans to build its initial indoor snow centre at Lorton in Fairfax Country Virginia in late 2018 and gain official approval to build it in late 2020. The plan is for a 450,000-square-foot snow sports facility (42,000 sqm) with an expected 1,700-foot (520m) indoor ski slope making it one of the world’s 10 largest.