Bode Miller Joins Indoor Snow Centres Group

America’s most successful male ski racer and world-famous name in the wintersports world, Bode Miller, has joined the Alpine-X group as ‘Innovation Officer’.

Alpine-X have plans to build at least 10 indoor snow centres across America with an initial the $200 million development facility known as Fairfax Peak in Northern Virginia moving through the planning approval process with a target opening date of 2025.

The long-term agreement is between the McLean company and M Bar W Enterprises LLC, the consulting firm Miller co-founded with ski industry veteran Andy Wirth, who will also join Alpine-X as a strategic adviser.

“Alpine-X will be a leader in welcoming many new people into the sport that has meant so much to me and millions of others,” Miller, who has already been working unofficially with the Alpine X team, said in a statement. “I’m excited to join with their management team to execute Alpine-X’s vision for indoor snow sports resorts for the entire community.”

During and post Miller’s competitive career on the World Cup circuit he gained extensive experience of training in indoor snow centres around the world.

In media interviews both Miller and other members of the Alpine-X team stressed their desire to make their facilities a catalyst to get more people into snowsports at an affordable cost to them and to endeavour to make their facilities carbon neutral.