SnowWorld Group Celebrates 25 Years

The SnowWorld Group who are headquartered in The Netherlands celebrated 25 years in business in December.

The company has been the most successful and most prominent in the world of indoor snowsports, which is itself only just over three decades old in its modern era of refrigerated halls.

SnowWorld now operate seven indoor snow centres, along with associated hotels and other leisure facilities, including most of the Dutch centres and major facilities in Germany and France.

SnowWorld’s original centre at Zoetermeer was launched in 1996 by company founder Koo Hendriks (pictured top). It opened with two 160m slopes but a third, eventually extended to 300m was added later. A second centre was added at Landgraaf five years later which was quickly expanded to become the largest in the world. It was also the first to host World Cup racing indoors a few years later.  In 2007 the company added one of the first hotels next to an indoor ski slope.

The most recent addition to the group’s portfolio, the sole French indoor snow centre at Amneville, is home to one of the world’s longest slopes, now known as SnowWorld Amneville.

Beyond their own centres SnowWorld have been involved with other facilities around the world and continue to propose new ventures.

The group has also made large strives towards making their operations carbon-neutral by installing vast solar arrays on the rooves of several of their facilities, generating much of their power requirements on site.

Unfortunately the company is celebrating its 25th birthday with most of its slopes closed due to COVID operating restrictions.