20% Of All Chinese Skiers Skiing Indoors in Lockdown

An annual study of the Chinese ski industry found that during 2020, when much of the country’s ski infrastructure was closed due to the pandemic, the numbers skiing and boarding inside represented just over 20% of all ski trips made.

The 2020 China Ski Industry White Book complied by Benny Wu also reports that the number of indoor ski areas open in China by the end of April 2021, already more than three times its nearest competitor and including five of the 10 largest open on the planet, has grown by another five centres to 36. 

The 2020 China Ski Industry White Book reports than in 2020, the main pandemic year in China, ski areas indoors and out saw a big fall from nearly 20 million skier visits the previous season to nearer 13 million; however the number of people within that total skiing or boarding indoors grew from 2.35 million (11% of the total) in 2019, to 2.7 million (nearly 21% of the total) in 2020.

China has seen a bounce back in business in 20-21 to nearly 21 million skier visits overall but indoor numbers have continued to grow at a faster rate, to 3.2 million visits, now representing a little over 15% of the skier total.