Singapore Indoor Snow Centre Unveils ‘Ice Hotel Gallery’

Singapore’s only indoor snow centre, Snow City, has opened the country’s first ‘Ice Hotel Gallery’ experience offering the chance to see, if not actually stay in, sdome of the facilities found at ice hotels in Scandinavia.

Like most countries travel opportunities to cold weather destinations still look limited this winter and one media outlet described the opportunity to stay in the -5C facility as, “the chance to experience the cold, winter chill that you so miss.”

The permanent exhibition replaces the centre’s former Arctic Snow Playground and features sculptures by local award-winning artisan Jeffrey Ng as well as furniture like chairs, couches and tables — entirely carved out of ice.

“Drawing inspiration from ice hotels in the Nordic region, we have also included local influences into its design. We hope this will be an exciting and fun new attraction for young families, and even couples who are looking for unique locations to do photo shoots,” Norazani Shaiddin, General Manager of Snow City Singapore, told local media.