Indoor Snow Centre Hits US Headlines During Extreme Heatwave

The Big Snow indoor snow centre is making headline in the US as it continues to offer a cool, snowy interior whilst the outside world bakes in extreme heat.

The state of New Jersey, where the snow centre is located, is in the middle of what’s officially termed a ‘heatwave’ with temperatures over 90F (32C) for more than three consecutive days. In reality temperatures feel like more than 100F (38C) according to local reports.

Big Snow is staging a snowboarding competition this weekend with some local boarders competing against 32 professionals from across the country, competing for cash prizes.

Big Snow opened just before the pandemic have been mothballed for more than a decade following its construction in 2008 whilst the giant mall and theme park around it, eventually named American Dream, was finally completed having been stalled by the worldwide financial crash.

During the years it was built but not open the building suffered structural damage from a heavy snowfall in New Zealand and the resulting weight of snow pushing down on the roof. New Jersey is, or was, more commonly known for its sometimes bitter winters.

Big Snow is one of many indoor snow centres located in hot locations around the world, giving locals a cool respite from summer heat.  However some also provide a warmer environment than the outside world.

The world’s largest indoor snow centre at Harbin in Northwest China (above) has a warmer environment indoors (-5C / 23F ) than the outdoor temperatures which can drop to -30C (-22F).

North America was the sixth and final continent besides Antarctica to open an indoor ski and snowboarding centre after more than 30 years of proposed centres failed to be built. It still only has the one centre, the same as South America and Africa with most of the world’s currently operational 110+ indoor snow centre located in Europe and Asia.

However Big Snow appears to be a big success and there are fresh plans for many more indoor snow centres to open across North America.