US Indoor Snow Centre Could Be First of Many

Alpine-X, the company behind the planned $225m Fairfax Peak indoor snow centre due to be built in Virginia, say they intend it to be one of many indoor snow centres they plan to build across North America over the coming years.

When the Fairfax Peak proposals were first announced several years ago the company said they were planning at least ten similar facilities, but this target has now doubled to plans to build indoor snow centres in 20 other regions across North America.

Target locations are reported to include potentially the first indoor snow centre in Canada, as well as more US centres.

Alpine-X say they could grow the United States current estimated 9.2 million active skiers and snowboarders by giving more people the opportunity to get in to the sport via a local indoor slope – boosting the market for conventional ski areas rather than competing with them.

“We’re on a mission to address this market gap by bringing snowsports closer to home and providing access year-round, thereby eliminating the traditional challenges of cost, geography and seasonality, and introducing the opportunity and family-centric experience to a much wider audience,” said Alpine-X CEO John Emery.

Alpine-X continues to move forward with its first centre, first proposed for Virginia in 2018. It signed further agreements with local authorities late last year and the next stage is re-zoning the planned location of the slope so that an indoor snow slope can officially be bult there with an application from the company due to be submitted later this year.