Unlimited Snow Launch Miko’s World Snowpark

The long-established indoor snow centre experts Unlimited snow have created what is believed to be the first intellectual property designed especially for snow parks, Miko’s World.

Miko’s World is themed on a fun family of marmots, with main character Miko, his sister Maya along with mother Mutti, father Max and plenty of friends. The snowpark can be operated at any temperature ranging from, for example, zero, right to +20C

There is also a wide range of sizes possible, including 600, 1.200, 2.400, 5.000 and 10.000m2 versions.

Unlimited snow say their concept is already attracting a lot of international interest as it is a convenient and economic solution for shopping malls as it does not require and additional construction.

“We will operate a number of these ourselves and it will also be available as license and franchise model,” said Unlimited Snow’s Kees Albers.

The firsts Miko’s Worlds will open in The Netherlands, Mexico and China during the next 18 months followed by approximately five each per year from 2023.

At the same time a Miko adventures series will be broadcasted on Youtube, digital television and other channels so that the IP is supported by media coverage on top of the physical locations.