British Indoor Snow Centre Operator Acquires Madrid’s Indoor Snow Centre

The British operator of England’s Castleford and Milton Keynes indoor snow centres, Snozone Holdings Ltd, has taken over the operation the Madrid Snowzone in Spain.

Madrid’s Snowzone, located in the Xanadu mall, which opened around 20 years ago at a similar time to the Snozone in Milton Keynes, has an interesting history.  It was originally built by the then dominant Mills Corporation, a US-based builder of large shopping malls. At the time they were working on the early stages of a huge mall in New Jersey, also known as Xanadu at the time. 

Mills subsequently went bust in the financial crash of 2008, just as it finished building the first indoor snow centre in North America at New Jersey.  It would be another 11 years and two more owners of the New Jersey project before it finally opened as Big Snow Meadowlands at the end of 2019.

Another North American connection came with the Intrawest corporation, the dominant ski resorts operator on the continent at the time, which was expanding in Europe, with ski resort developments in Flaine and Les Arcs in France, the took over running the centre for some years until that company too failed and was broken up.

Madrid’s Snowzone has a main run that’s 250 metres long and 55 metres wide and also features a wide beginner slope and a snowgarden children’s area.