Indoor Snow Centre With “3D multi-level Skiing Routes” Under Construction in China

With more than 30 indoor snow centres now operational (about a quarter of the world total), including several of the planet’s largest facilities. Chinas is already by far the world’s largest operator of these facilities.

With the 2022 Winter Olympics – by which time China aimed to get 300 million people interested in ice or snow sports – now just a year away, more centres are under construction.

Long-standing global experts in indoor snow centre design, Unlimited Snow, are currently working on two new facilities.

Beihai Yinji Snow Kingdom in Beihai (pictured) is set to be one of the most fascinating and immersive snow parks yet with five zones which between them will offer around 40 different attractions.  With a budget of about RMB 200 million and a large footprint of 36,500 m2 the centre has been under construction since 2018 and is due for completion this year.

The company is also working on the Wanda Lanzhou Snow Park, also due top be completed this year, but with a slightly smaller, although still substantial, size and budget: 25,000 m2 and RMB 170 million respectively. It is set to be the biggest and most comprehensive cultural and leisure resort in the whole of northwest China.

In this facility visitors will be able to enter both warm and cold sections, both based on the same storyline. The cold zone includes skiing, skating, and snow play attractions.

The skiing area is especially interesting as, unlike a traditional indoor snow centre with a single main slope, this complex promises, “3D multi-level skiing routes for different groups.”