Indoor Snow Running

Ski Dubai have announced plans to stage what is being dubbed, “the world’s first summer snow-running competition.”

The event, scheduled to take place on August 14, will see up to 300 runners compete at the indoor snow slope running three kilometres (just under two miles) in total, up and down the centre’s 400 metre long indoor snow slope.

300 slots are available, priced at AED189 (€44) to take place in the race, which is open to men and women aged 18-62,  tourists and residents alike.

The race will include five loops over the snow in Ski Dubai. Although indoor temperatures are a fixed -4 degrees Celcius, that’s better to run in than the outdoor August temperature in Dubai which can near  50 degrees.

The Snow Run is party of a ‘Snow Week’ the famous centre is organising which will also include skiing and snowboarding competitions on August 14 and 15.