Indoor Snow Centres Begin To Re-Open

A growing number of indoor snow centres that had been forced to close by the pandemic around the world have re-opened.

All re-opened centres have increased hygiene measures in place, along with social distancing rules, face-mask-wearing requirements and often other measures to minimise virus spreads risk.

Centres in China, where the pandemic began and the country was in lockdown from January to March began re-opening in early April, but skiers had to have certification from the government to show they did not have the virus. 

The country has far more indoor snow centres than any other, including three of the world’s five largest.

Centres in countries which have so far dealt most successfully with suppressing the pandemic were next with facilities in New Zealand Norway announcing their re-opening.

Snow Planet in New Zealand has already re-opened but the new Snø centre near Oslo (above), which only opened at the start of this year, has had to delay its re-opening from the planned Friday, May 29th to June 3rd due to a technical problem.

Now Ski Dubai has also re-opened saying they have done so whilst adhering strict Covid-19 precautionary measures, in the country, which include social distancing, reduced capacity, and the mandatory use of face masks.