Paris Snowdome Plan Cancelled Due To Perception of Development in Climate Emergency

A long-standing plan to build an indoor snow centre in Saint-Paul near Paris has been dropped.

In a statement issued by the group planning the slope, the reasons given were,

“In the context where climate change has become a reality, the project to build a ski trail in Saint-Paul might not be understood and accepted by our fellow citizens. Therefore despite the studies showing a positive impact, the group of investors and builder of the planned slope have decided to give up this project.”

Gérard Hedin, Mayor of Saint-Paul, commented,

“I am disappointed because it was a beautiful project. It would have created more than 100 jobs and complemented tourist development at Saint-Paul Park and therefore had an important economic value. However my biggest regret will remain not to give the opportunity to young people to learn how to ski in Saint-Paul.”

Mr Hedin went on to say that in his region there are some three million skiers who spend an average of 5 days a year on the French massif, for a total of 15 million ski days.

He said that French ski racers spend more than 100 days a year on snow outside the winter season and train at Belgian, Dutch or German Domes.  He pointed out that they often have to travel 1,500km a week to do so, “to the great happiness of oil, highway operators and car manufacturers.”