SnowWorld Group Announce Rapid Growth in Earnings and Corporate Re-brand

The rapidly expanding SnowWorld group of indoor snow centres has unveiled a new corporate identity whilst unveiling a 30% jump in its EBITDA figure (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) for the first six months of this year.

SnowWorld recently acquired SnowPlanet and the and the two SkiDomes run by the SIS Leisure Group to give it control of five indoor snow centres in The Netherlands. The Group also took an interest in Germany’s Alpenpark Neuss to give it a sixth operation.  All the Dutch centres will be rebranded as SnowWorld’s before the 2019-20 winter season but Alpenpark Neuss will continue to operate under that name for the time being.

As well as a new logo and corporate structure, SnowWorld announced the group will renew its locations with high-quality restaurants, developments in adjacent outdoor facilities and focus on what it calls, “residential tourism.”

In addition to the current hotels in Landgraaf and Neuss in Germany, SnowWorld intends to build hotels at its snow centres in Amsterdam and Zoetermeer in the coming years.

The outdoor attractions, under a new brand ‘Adventure Valley’ will see a new “Adventure Trail” open at SnowWorld Landgraaf and SnowWorld Zoetermeer will open a completely new outdoor playground with in an Alpine atmosphere on 17th July.

The new acquisitions also include an indoor skydiving centre at Roosendaal and an ice karting operation at Rucphen.

“SnowWorld is developing at a rapid pace. With the investments we want to make winter sports accessible to everyone and we take the guest experience to an even higher level, “says Wim Hubrechtsen, CEO SnowWorld. “We are preparing for the future thanks to scaling up through the purchase and construction of new locations and thanks to extensions of our current locations.”