Jobs Advertised As First US Indoor Snow Ski Centre (Possibly) Nears Opening

Hopes that the very long-planned “American Dream” massive retail and leisure complex may finally begin to open later this year have been bolstered by the appearance of dozens of job opportunity vacancy postings for the centre online.

The Meadowlands mall has been under construction since 2004, has had three different giant corporate owners and is home to the first indoor snow centre built in North America in 2008, but still yet to open.

Under construction in 2008

The most recent of the many planned opening dates over the year was ‘spring 2019’, but as that season neared its end, the latest date is ‘autumn 2019’ …although some retailers at the site say early 2020 looks more likely.

The 16-storey high ski centre is currently named the Big Snow Indoor Ski & Snow Park and is one of 15 main leisure attractions at the huge complex which will also house around 450 shops.

The original orange colouring of the complex, when it was known as Xanadu have now been largely replaced by more neutral tones.