First Indoor Snow Centre For Nearly 20 Years Opens in Indonesia

Indonesia, which was one of the first countries to get a (short-lived) indoor snow centre back in the early 1990s, now has indoor snow again.

Trans Snow World opened on Sunday, March 24th in a shopping mall at Bekasi, a city of nearly three  million people in West Java, and is located only a few hundred meters away from Bekasi Station for easy access from other parts of the country.

The centre contains 6,500 square-metres of indoor snow slopes and can accommodate up to 1,000 visitors at a time.  The centre is now open from 9am to 11pm daily and users can buy two-hour access tickets at the door or online.

The complex uses technology from Italy, Germany, China, South Korea and Japan the operators says and features an indoor double chairlift.

Indonesia last had an indoor snow centre between 1996 and 2000 known as Waterfront City, located near the city of Batam. It gave the opportunity to ski on a very short snow slope in the morning then swim at a tropical paradise beach resort a few minutes later, year round.

The complex, located 23km south of Singapore, was part of a short-lived shopping and leisure complex where you could also go karting, bungee jumping, jet-skiing and paintballing but closed when a recession hit.