Exterior of Europe’s Next Biggest Indoor Snow Centre Nears Completion

Reports from Norway indicate that the huge new indoor snow centre under construction at Lørenskog outside Oslo, is, or soon will be, wind and water tight with walls and roof completed.

The new ski hall will include 40,000 square metres of indoor snow space, making it the world’s second-biggest at present after the recently opened centre in Harbin, China.

The building, christened simply ‘SNØ’, is set to open in 2020. With a price tag of around €330 million will feature four ski runs up to 500 metres long served by a chairlift and a second lift, as well as a 2km long cross country ski trail snaking around the building.  About a third of the budget has been invested already with half of that money coming from foreign investors.

“So far, construction work is on schedule,” Bård Windingstad, general manager of SNØ’s operating company, told Norwegian media company E24, “The basic work will soon be completed, and so far there are “no major budget overruns.”

SNØ’s official opening is set for 2020, it expects to receive 400,000 visitors and have a turnover of around €8m.