Unlimited Snow Wins in China

Unlimited Snow has won the WSTOPS Award for “Best Foreign Design of Indoor Snow/Ice Park” in China

In order to organize the 2022 Winter Olympics, discover and cultivate outstanding brands of ice and snow industry, and provide more detailed and accurate information for industrial development, the third Winter Sports Tops Awards (WSTOPS) expert review meeting met in Beijing . The meeting was co-hosted by Bing Xue Tou Tiao, International Data Group (IDG), and Huateng Bingxue.

The jury consists of experts and medias from the industry of ice and snow, sports, tourism, science and technology, and culture, who together evaluate the leaders of Chinese winter sports, ice and snow industry development.

The WSTOPS have been successfully held for two years, and have gradually developed into an influential selection event within the industry. They continue to be supported by a wide range of ski resorts, ice rinks, ice and snow clubs, as well as winter tourist spots. In addition, this year dozens of overseas resorts and organizations participated in the jury for the first time, with nearly 500 facilities and individuals consulted and participating in the awards selection over a six week period.

There were many winners – including foreign firms – at the 2018 WSTOPS, pictured below:


After further screening, more than 100 facilities were successfully selected and entered the final review meeting, where the expert judges shortlisted facilities according to five aspects: Influence, Development, Organization, Contribution, and Service.

The jury selects within five categories of award: Outdoor Ski Resorts, Ski Clubs, Indoor Ski Resorts, Ice Clubs and Industry. The review meeting also displayed graphic and text sources online by real-time live broadcast. Until the end of the meeting, a total of 18,485 people watched the 2018 WSTOPS review meeting.

Hou Minghui, founder of Bing Xue Tou Tiao and general manager of Huateng Bingxue, said that the WSTOPS will continue to explore and highlight the outstanding brands and leaders in China’s ice and snow industry, exhibit and promote the frontier dynamics of the ice industry and to the public, with a selection concept of profession, authorisation, objectivity and comprehensiveness.